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Our people are among the most talented in the industry.
It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.

So Rim Kung Fu

So Rim Kung Fu is a traditional, elite combat Kung Fu that originated in the So Rim mountains of China. So Rim Kung Fu combines strength, stability, and the grace of nature with the agility and snap control of animals to create a very effective and sometimes ferocious martial art. The student of Kung Fu learns offense and defense as second nature. He studies age-old forms that imitate animals, birds and insects in their fighting techniques. Kung Fu literally means "practice everything," and requires that its students learn the art in martial arts as well as the self-defense aspects. Chinese weapons are also taught as an integral part of So Rim Kung Fu.


Tribal Belly Dance

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance is a form of modern belly dance generally referring to a combination (fusion) of many dance forms. It frequently incorporates elements of Popping, Hip Hop, Breakdance, 'Egyptian' or 'Cabaret' belly dance and modern, but often draws from many traditional forms such as Falmenco Kathak, Bhangra, Balinese, and other folkloric dance styles. In tribal fusion, dancers expand on the elements previously fused to form American Tribal Style, also referred to as ATS, to make their style unique and more relevant to their contemporary experience
Tribal Fusion dancers utilize a variety of musical genres, including folkloric Egyptian (such as saidi), Indian (traditional or pop), Middle Eastern pop (such as Rai), as well as contemporary electronic music, hip hop, and rock.

An important distinguishing feature of the tribal fusion dancer in our classes and performances is their costuming. As with the movement, it is a fusion between many folkloric dance styles, infused with elements from streetwear, vintage costumes and jewelry, and other tribal and modern cultures.

Our Tribal Misfits troupe has performed numerous times throughout the years at the Library, Dance is for Every body. Also we perform at the Boulder International Festival annually, Fringe Festival, Asian Festival, the Creek Festival, Octoberfest, Emerald Elementary, private parties, Raves, and much more . We are now in our seventh year of operation.



Atlantic Martial Arts Aikido

Aikido (i-ke-do): an effective, practical method of unarmed self-defense, promoting physical fitness, awareness, proper breathing, posture, and balance.The Aikidoist spontaneously blends with the power of an attack and swiftly redirects this aggression against the opponent.

An entirely reflexive martial art, Aikido practice improves physical reaction, perception, and agility. Students perform specialized stretching exercises to improve physical and functional coordination.





Egyptian Belly Dance

Amina Salah has been studying, teaching and performing Middle Eastern Dance for 17 years. She has taken many trips to study in Egypt and shares these experiences in her classes. She has done extensive work with finger cymbals. She also studies Arabic and Yoga. She brings musicality, passion and expression to her dance and teaches how to do emotive improvisational dance, responding to the music.



Goju Ryu Karate

Kodokan Goju-Ryu emphasizes self-mastery and self-improvement, rather than competition.

Goju-ryu translates to hard/soft style and Goju-ryu karate is unique in the way it combines rounded, flowing, soft movements with linear, powerful, hard movements. It includes both striking techniques such as punches, kicks and blocks, and grappling techniques such as grabs, take-downs, arm-bars, and pressure-points. Students train primarily through the study of traditional forms (kata), applications (bunkai), and prearranged sparring (kumite).




Kobudo is a traditional weapon art. At different times, and for various reasons during its history, weapons were banned on the island of Okinawa. The resourceful Okinawans adapted everyday farming and fishing implements including the 6-foot staff (bo), rice-grinder handle (tonfa), horse's bridle (nunchiyaku), boat paddle (ueku), rice sickle (kama), etc. -- for self-defensive purposes. Over time, the use of these weapons became formalized into a beautiful, graceful, and effective art that has been passed down from generation to generation.



Japanese Sword

The founder of American Hard Style is Robert Thomas Chang. He took useful elements from three traditional Japanese Sword Styles and combined them into American Hard Style. They are Batto Ryu, Toyama Ryu and Shinkendo. Together, they form a comprehensive curriculum for use in learning Japanese swordsmanship within an American context. Sensei Gene Starkey is the Boulder CO instructor in American Hard Style.





Koryukan Karate

With an integrated framework of comprehensive martial arts training, classical and progressive methodologies, critical pedagogy, and a safe and entertaining training environment, Progressive Defensive Traditions - Boulder Koryukan welcomes adults and mature teens interested in learning the old-style, practical martial arts. We encourage enquiring minds to peruse our sites and the many links provided; information is your greatest ally in choosing a martial arts school. When you're ready, send us an email, give us a call, or stop in to observe or take a free trial lesson. Were interested in helping with any sincere query.




Modern Belly Dance

Christine loves teaching Belly Dance! she is the director and choreographer of Boulder own "Figure 8's". Christine has been studying many dance forms for the past 40 years and incorporates her Jazz and hip hop style into her dance choreographies, while maintaining a deep respect for her modern Egyptian training. This dance transforms women and gives them an opportunity to express the heart and soul in a way words cannot touch.




Gypsy Flamenco Guitar and Dance
Artistic Director • Dance teacher • Choreographer

Learn the Real Flamenco from Gypsy teacher/educator René Heredia. All dances are taught and choreographed by Maestro Heredia.

Upper and lower torso movements, foot technique, hand clapping, finger
snapping, castanets, dress, arm and hand movements, history of the art and
all the rhythms of Flamenco with the accompaniment of live guitar. (All levels)

For more information:
(303) 722-0054




PowerFit Yoga with Fitness For Living

PowerFit Yoga is a unique blend of yoga and conditioning interwoven into a mind-calming, body-challenging and spirit-soaring experience. Based on a flowing Vinyasa-style yoga, PowerFit Yoga incorporates the best principles yoga, Pilates and sports conditioning. Each class is different and is appropriate for the first-timer and experienced yoga practitioner alike.

The flowing yoga sequences often include dumbbells and deeper and longer held poses to test and condition one’s cardio, strength, core, balance and range of motion - all seamlessly done with mindfulness, breath and intention. This energetic, fitness-based approach to yoga is ideal for people who want to lose weight, reduce stress, improve back health or simply increase overall health and well-being.

You can register for a free trial class or jump in for a no-obligation first week.

For more details on the PowerFit Yoga program visit: http://fitliv.com/bc_yogafit.htm

About Fitness for Living
For the past eight years, Boulder-based Fitness for Living has been dedicated to motivating, educating, and encouraging Boulder County adults to get active and fit. The company’s innovative programs and been featured on NBC’s Today Show and has won the best Personal Training Award from Yellow Scene magazine the past 3 years running.

To register for a free Trial Class visit:

Fitness For Living



TNT Taiko

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